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State Board of Workers' Compensation Form Changes

» Posted July 31, 2023Nathan C. LevyArticles, Newsletters

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation has been busy updating some of the many Board Forms that you use regularly as well. These forms, like the legislative changes, have gone into effect on July 1, 2023, and a few are important to our daily operations on both an employer and insurer level.

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Our Augusta Office Has Moved!

» Posted July 18, 2023N. Staten Bitting, Jr., Of Counsel, Kelly R. Speir, Mary Elizabeth WatkinsNewsletters

Announcing a new change for our Augusta location!

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2023 Legislative Session Overview

» Posted June 20, 2023Nathan C. LevyArticles

The Legislative session for 2023 has ended and there are only a few notable changes that we wanted to share with you. Be advised that per the normal course, these changes go into effect on July 1, 2023, and will apply to dates of accident from that date forward.

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Latest Update - Panel of Physicians: Location Matters!

» Posted June 5, 2023Casey B. ForemanArticles, Newsletters

Worker's Compensation updates you need to know - Recent Court of Appeals Decisions in Workers' Compensation.

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2023 Georgia Legislative Session Starting to Take Shape

» Posted March 21, 2023Nathan C. LevyArticles

In varying degrees, our Legislature seems to bring about some modifications to 34-9 annually and 2023 looks to be no exception

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Do Not Let A Simple Change In Name Invalidate Your Panel

» Posted March 13, 2023Tina M. Trunzo LuteArticles, Newsletters

As all of you are aware, the importance of Employers in the state of Georgia having a properly posted panel of physicians cannot be understated.

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Karen Gibson Named Partner at Levy, Sibley, Foreman & Speir

» Posted February 15, 2023Karen J. GibsonArticles

The firm is pleased to announce that Karen Gibson has been named Partner with Levy, Sibley, Foreman & Speir, LLC.

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Reminder of July 1, 2022 Changes In Indemnity and Dependency Spousal Caps

» Posted June 29, 2022Newsletters

Just a reminder that effective Friday, we have newly established caps for TTD, TPD, PPD and the maximums for Spousal dependency benefits of sole primary beneficiary. 

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Join Us For A Workers' Compensation Educational Seminar

» Posted June 8, 2022Seminars

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The Legislature Strikes Back on Apportionment (House Bill 961)

» Posted April 18, 2022Articles, Newsletters

Apportionment in single defendant cases has potentially returned to Georgia. HB 961 has passed both houses of the Georgia Legislature and is awaiting approval from the Governor.

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