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Coverage (Insurance) Analyses, Opinions, & Declaratory Judgment Actions

As advisors and defense attorneys for numerous local, regional, and national insurance companies, we are intimately familiar with the issues involved in insurance coverage and policy disputes.  We regularly represent our clients in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings and litigation involving policyholders’ unjustified claims and also disputes with other insurers.

Policyholder Disputes

Where plaintiffs’ attorneys complain about “excuses” and “loopholes” when confronted with coverage issues and defenses, we see our clients enforcing their legal and contractual rights.  Insurance policies are designed to appropriately reflect the risk allocation between insurance companies and their policyholders/insureds.  If a policy doesn’t provide coverage under a given scenario, then the policyholder is not entitled to coverage or compensation under that policy.  In these terms, it is pretty cut and dry.  Unfortunately, this does not prevent many policyholders from feeling entitled to more coverage than the policy allows.

When our clients have disputes with their insureds, we step in to provide decisive and insightful legal opinions, representation, and defense designed to achieve favorable resolutions as cost-effectively as possible.  Our goal is always to obtain the best possible outcome with the least possible interruption to our client’s business – and the least possible impact to their bottom line.

Our coverage litigation attorneys are available to assist with disputes involving policies including, but not limited to:

  • General liability;
  • Errors and omissions;
  • Workers’ compensation;
  • Automotive liability;
  • Products liability;
  • Premises liability;
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability;
  • Malpractice and professional liability;
  • Environmental liability;
  • Crime loss; and
  • Data privacy and security.

We are also well-versed in matters involving captive and self-insurance.

Coverage Disputes between Insurers

Our attorneys also have deep experience in matters involving disputes between insurance companies.  These cases are often extremely complex, implicating complicated fact patterns and a web of laws, regulations, insurance policies, and commercial agreements.  Working through the substantive issues and dealing with the procedural complexities requires knowledge and insight that can only be gained from years spent fighting in the trenches.

The attorneys at Levy, Sibley, Foreman & Speir, LLC offer decades of experience representing insurance companies and self-insured organizations in coverage litigation. We can help ensure that your company’s assets are protected.

Our experience includes settling and obtaining favorable decisions/verdicts for clients in cases involving:

  • Identification of primary responsible carrier;
  • Indemnification;
  • Reimbursement;
  • Subrogation; and
  • Contribution.

Regardless of the facts at hand, you can count on us to pursue all viable theories and defenses to limit your company’s liability. We know what it takes to win, and we are cognizant that you have better things to do than to become needlessly embroiled in drawn-out coverage litigation.

Experienced Representation for Insurance Coverage Disputes | Levy, Sibley, Foreman & Speir, LLC

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