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Automobile Litigation Defense

Automobile Litigation Defense

Every year that passes, there are more and more automobiles traversing our nation’s ever-growing and interconnected system of roadways.  While in some areas mass transit options are gaining a foothold as an alternative, the personal automobile remains America’s most prevalent method of conveyance.  Whether you are commuting to work, going shopping, visiting family and friends, or just out for a pleasure cruise, most of us spend at least some time in an automobile every day.  Many of our clients employ individuals whose primary duty is commercial driving – individuals who may spend the majority of their career, or even their lives, “behind the wheel.”

It comes as no surprise then, that with every such trip by automobile, there is risk: risk of collision, risk of injury, and risk of death.  With that risk, there comes the possibility of automobile litigation for every business and for every individual.  This usually comes in the form of lawsuits for injuries to individuals and/or their property.  Our firm’s focus is on defending our clients, and their insurers, from such litigation.  We advise them from the inception of the claim through all stages of the litigation.  The day a collision occurs, our firm can assist with preserving the scene of a collision and, when appropriate, obtaining an accident reconstructionist via one of the talented reconstructionists with whom we regularly partner.

Difference situations require different strategies.  From minor “fender benders” to complex multi-vehicle collisions involving deaths and chemical spills, our firm’s first goal is helping the client facing automobile litigation determine what options are reasonably available and to then define what constitutes a “win” for that case.  Once that is determined, our goal is to expedite the case towards the best possible resolution, based on our clients’ goals.  Whether that involves a settlement, a jury trial, or anything in between, our attorneys have the experience and skills to see it done and done well.

Our teams has defended everything from simple negligence suits to wrongful death actions, negligent entrustment claims, “dram shop” actions, defective automobile manufacture repair, "family purpose” issues, uninsured/underinsured motorist claims, punitive damage claims, and direct action suits against insurers.  First and foremost, our purpose is to remove insurers, their insureds, and self-insureds from actual or potential exposure to automobile litigation and the associated risks by the best means available.  Let us help you today.